Another mystery object washes up on New Zealand beach

100-metre-long pipe pictured on Te Waewae Bay

mystery pipe object on New Zealand beach

A strange object was discovered on a New Zealand beach after washing up on Te Waewae Bay, Southland.

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The 100-metre-long black object appeared to be made of a type of plastic with metal loops at each end.

Local council Environment Southland shared photos of the strange object on Facebook and asked its followers: "Any ideas on what this might be? Or who might be missing it? This 100 metre long object washed up on Te Waewae Bay in western Southland this week."

It added: "The object is long, black, made of some kind of plastic, has metal loops in each end and is pretty heavy."

Deputy harbourmaster Ian Coard told the New Zealand Herald that nobody seems to know what it is or where it came from.

"The object has been washed on to the beach with an incoming tide and we are very keen on some help figure out what it is," he said.

"We've been to check it out today and attempted to move it with a couple of people, but it didn't want to budge."

But some social media users believe they know what it might be.

Many suggested it is an oil boom which contained spills at sea.

One user said it is an aquaculture boom from a fish or mussel farm.

Last week, a huge barnacle-encrusted object that washed up on a beach in New Zealand left locals scratching their heads.

Beachgoer Melissa Doubleday came across the object on Auckland's Muriwai Beach.

She posted pictures of it on the Waimauku Area Community Facebook page to see if anyone knew what the object was.

Suggestions on social media included a Rastafarian whale, an ancient Maori canoe, and an alien time capsule.

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