Mum forced off bus because one of her twins 'wouldn't stop crying'

Michelle Swan said she had a 30 minute walk in the rain to nearest town


Mum of twins 'forced off bus into rain by driver because one of her toddlers wouldn't stop crying'

A mum claims she was ordered off a bus into the cold and rain by the driver because one of her twin toddlers was crying.

Michelle Swan alleges the driver stopped the full bus on the A21 - walked up to her and shouted at her to shut up her son and get off the bus.

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The 33-year-old, who said she had tried "everything" to keep Rocco quiet, was so shocked she told the driver they could not get off on the A21 but they would at the next stop.

Credits: Kent Live

Kent Live

She had a 30 minute walk in to nearby town Tonbridge in the cold and rain, reports Kent Live.

The family had been travelling on the Autocar Bus and Coach Services 208 bus from Tunbridge Wells Hospital to Tonbridge at around 11.45am on Thursday.

The bus company has told Kent Live it immediately suspended the driver over the incident.

Miss Swan said: "I was shaking and fighting back tears. I just froze, I felt awful. I'd been to hospital with one of the boys because he can't walk and is having casts removed.

"We were in a traffic jam, so the bus was probably already stopped. He came up to me and was just staring at me then said 'give him a bloody sweet and get off the bus' and I said I couldn't get off on a busy road in the middle of nowhere."

Credits: Kent Live

Kent Live

"I had been to a hospital appointment because Tiger can't walk properly and is having serial casting on his legs and feet all the time and he learns to walk with them," she continued.

"About every two weeks he goes to have new ones fitted.

"He has to have physio as well. We go about three or four times a month. I had tried everything to stop Rocco crying, but there is only so much you can do," said Miss Swan.

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She said when she was forced to get off the bus, she had to walk in to Tonbridge town centre to get her prescription when it was "cold and spitting with rain" and then on home.

She telephoned the company and said she was told the bus driver had just returned to work from a suspension. She told Kent Live she wanted an apology from the driver.

A spokesman for Autocar Bus and Coach Services told Kent Live: "We spoke to Miss Swan for around 15 minutes and listened carefully to everything she had to say.

"Our manager apologised several times to her. We took down the code on her bus ticket so we could establish who the driver was. The driver was spoken to and given a day's suspension.

"We take complaints very seriously and our customer service and care is paramount to us and we do not tolerate any disrespectful behavior to our customers."

He added that Autocar would be happy to talk to Miss Swan again about the incident.