17 amazing cruise holidays for 2017

Where to go, what to experience and what's new in the world of cruising

couple on a cruise ship at sunset

2017 is set to be a bumper year for cruising, with ocean, river and even air cruises taking travellers to new corners of the world and providing a whole host of exciting experiences. We've picked some of the most fantastic cruise holidays for 2017, bringing you the best of the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and beyond.

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Whether you're new to cruising or are a seasoned cruiser dreaming of a new adventure, we've got a cruise holiday for you.

As a top destination for 2017 thanks to the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, Canada will be just as impressive explored by sea (if not more!), with beautiful national parks, intriguing cities and magnificent wildlife just waiting to be discovered.

Those in search of an alternative to the Med or the Caribbean can venture to lesser-known Bangladesh, sleep in the secluded bays of Oman or visit small Indonesian islands while spotting Komodo dragons in their natural habitat – the possibilities are endless.

For a memorable river cruise in 2017, find out why Russia, the Amazon and France are on our radar... And if you're looking for a whole new cruising experience (and have deep pockets), there's an air cruise launching to take you across the world in the utmost luxury.

Browse our pick of the most amazing cruise holidays for 2017.

17 amazing cruise holidays for 2017

17 amazing cruise holidays for 2017