Vandals spray British tour bus with 'Brexit' in Belgium

Coach was returning from Bruges Christmas market trip


Vandals spray British tour bus with 'Brexit' in Belgium

A British tour bus has been sprayed with the word 'Brexit' while visiting Christmas markets in Belgium.

Vandals daubed the back of the bus and the side of the vehicle with the word, an apparent backlash against the results of the referendum.

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The coach, owned by Blakes based in Devon, was parked in Brussels on Sunday when the vandals attacked, reports the Exeter Express and Echo.

The image of the bus has been shared widely on social media. One user, Hannah Blake, posted pictures writing: "Some people have no shame... absolutely disgraceful behaviour. This was in Brussels last night."

The bus had been returning from the Bruges and Ghent Christmas Market when the incident occurred.

According to the Plymouth Herald, the owner of the coach company, David Blake, said: "We are very proud of all our drivers.

"They all do an amazing job.

"In this case Graham pulled out all the stops and has done a great job.

"Thank you Graham, and for everyone's concern and support."

Making a little dig at Brexit voters, Mr Blake added: "Perhaps all you people who voted for Brexit would like to contribute towards a respray."

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