Bus driver buys hats and gloves for cold school children

Kind-hearted driver leapt into action after little boy cried he was so cold

Bus driver buys hats and gloves for cold school children

A kind-hearted bus driver bought hats and gloves for school kids on his route - after one little boy was crying because he was so cold.

John Lunceford, an army veteran and a grandfather, has been driving the Kennewick school bus in Washington for three years.

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On Thursday, he stopped for a student who was crying because he was waiting in the bitter cold for his bus.

Mr Lunceford gave him his own gloves to warm him up and, after dropping off the kids, headed to a dollar store and bought 10 hats and 10 sets of gloves in black and pink.

He went to find the boy at school and gave away his first set in the library.

He then told the other children that if anyone didn't have hats and gloves they could get them from him.

According to the Tri-City Herald, he said: "I'm a grandfather, you know. No one wants a kid to suffer like that."

ABC News reports that Lunceford said he would help any student that got on his bus.

The Kennewick School District sung his praises and shared the story on their Facebook page.

The company said their staff members had 'big hearts' and we couldn't agree more.

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