Baby in lion costume makes friends with a real lion

Heartmelting video shows beautiful 'friendship'


You might not think dressing your little baby up as a lion and putting it in front of a real lion is not a good idea.

But this video shows it can work out (as long as there's a thick glass wall between the two). This baby in an incredibly adorable lion costume crawling up and down outside an enclosure with a real lion inside.

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The big cat inside appears to be fascinated by the little guy, gently pawing the glass while the baby sits transfixed.

Even as Aryeh crawls away down the wall the lion inside follows closely behind.

The video was originally posted on YouTube by Cami Fanning with the caption: "My close friend and I took our 11 month old godson to Zoo Atlanta for a little godfamily outing.

"Our godson's name is Aryeh, which means lion in Hebrew, so his mom packed his lion costume."

Cami added: "It was incredible! Definitely a great memory from our first little godfamily outing!"

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