'Reggie Perrin' mystery sparked by pile of clothes left on beach

Police have asked for the owner to come forward


'Reggie Perrin' style mystery sparked by pile of clothes

A 'Reggie Perrin' style mystery has been sparked with a pile of clothes being discovered on a beach, police said today.

The clothes included a leather jacket, a top, trousers and trainers and even a vaping stick were found on a beach and no one has come forward for them.

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The pile, found on Eastney Esplanade, in Southsea, near Portsmouth, Hants., prompted police for the owner of clothes to come forward in a bid to find out the man is safe.

The act is reminiscent of the opening sequence to the popular 1970s series The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin, where fed up middle manager played by Leonard Rossiter, fakes his death by leaving a pile of clothes on a beach and then running into the waves. He then reinvents his life as a new man.

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Today a spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said the clothes were found close to the Coffee Cup caf and the pitch and putt golf course.

"The items found include a brown leather jacket, a grey polo style shirt, dark grey fleece jogging bottoms, white Slazenger trainers, size 10, and a vaping stick," said the spokesman.

"We are appealing for information as enquiries continue into the discovery of clothes on Eastney Esplanade on the morning of December 6.

"A pile of men's clothing was discovered on the beach close to the Coffee Cup caf and the pitch and putt golf course.

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"We have carried out extensive searches, as well as making enquiries to see if anyone matching the clothing might be missing."

Detective Constable David Sheppard from Fratton CID said: "If you recognise these clothes and can potentially identify the owner, please contact me on 101 quoting 44160459352. You may have seen a man sitting alone on the beach that morning - if so, please get in touch."