Couple's holiday suitcase goes missing for 34 days

The pair got it back a month after they got home from their holiday


Couple's holiday suitcase goes missing for 34 days

A couple has told how their holiday was ruined after their suitcase went missing for 34 days.

Sandy Davidson, 56, spent £1530 on an all-inclusive week's holiday in Turkey when the luggage got lost.

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Sandy said the getaway was "ruined". Speaking to the Daily Record, he said: "The holiday was ruined. We spent the entire week going back and forward to the rep twice a day to see if the luggage had turned up.

"Thomson didn't have a clue where it was.

"Margaret was stressed out as, apart from everything else, she had medication in the case."

The couple were given a £50 voucher while on holiday, and have since been offered £75 from Thomson for the blip.

But Sandy said that is not good enough as they didn't receive their luggage for a month after they got home. He also claimed there were items missing from the suitcase.

The Daily Record reached out to Thomson, who reportedly told the paper: "We're sorry to hear of the delay Mr Davidson experienced receiving his luggage. Our customer service team are in contact with him to resolve this matter."

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