This is the cheapest month to book your 2017 holiday

April, August, September and October deliver the best discounts


This is the best month to book a holiday in 2017

It's the question on every holidaymaker's lips: when should I book my holiday for the cheapestprice?

Thankfully, we've teamed up with the experts at online travel agent to reveal the exact answer to this age-old question giving savvy travellers clues as to when they should be booking their holidays in 2017.

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Examining data from all return flights departing from the UK between November 2015 and October 2016, Opodo has disclosed the best months and days to hunt for holidays on.

The statistics show April, August, September and October deliver the best discounts, while the best days to book on were Saturday (an average saving of 4% - 6% domestic, 3% short haul, 3% long haul) and Sunday (an average saving of 3% - 7% domestic, 3% short haul, 1% long haul).

"It's no secret that high seasons and low seasons dictate a great swing in flight prices," explain experts at Opodo.

"The best time to book flights fall much like the leaves: in September and October.

"Booking on Saturday saves the average passenger 3.95% (5.78% domestic, 3.43% short haul, 2.63% long haul) while Sunday is 3.37% cheaper (6.68% domestic, 2.58% short haul, 0.84% long haul)," they add.

If you're planning to visit popular destinations New York, Dubai, Hong Kong or take any other long-haul trips it's also worth holding out until April, reveal Opodo.

"This is when tickets are on average 6% cheaper than the rest of the year" they add.

However if you're taking the trip in 2018 then September is your best bet, with an average saving of 8% across the board.

For those planning on taking a trip to Europe in the Summer, flights in April are on average 5% cheaper than the rest of the year, the only exception to this is September and October when prices crash to 14% and 13% respectively.

According to , the best day of the week to book a holiday is Tuesday morning at 10am.

Book at 10am, or before 11am, they explain, and you'll still get last night's prices, book after lunch and the prices will have been updated.

And why Tuesdays? Tuesday is the day companies adjust their prices - especially if holidays aren't selling.

Lukas Balter, destination expert at Opodo, said: "When the first frosts start appearing on the ground and with temperatures currently at rock bottom it's only natural people start thinking about beaches, holidays and above all the warm embrace of the sun.

"But you shouldn't just book the first flights you see. With a little planning you can get a much better deal than at other times of year and flights with different airlines, you can find the best price possible."

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