Where to go to avoid Christmas

Want to run away from all this festive cheer? There won't be a Santa in sight...

Where to go to escape Christmas this year

Sick of Christmas songs on the radio already? If you don't like the festive period, don't worry, you're not the only one.

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The UK might be overloading on yuletide themed decorations, food and festive cheer - but there is an alternative. Get away!

We've worked with HotelsCombined to come up with a host of destinations for winter holidays where there won't be so much as a stocking in sight.

Head to any one of these destinations and you'll be free to let your inner Grinch free and you'll be so far away from any mince pies.

Take a look at the list of holidays below and let us know in the comments underneath where you'd like to spend the 25th December this year.

Where to go to avoid Christmas

Where to go to avoid Christmas