Warm weather to hit this week with temperatures up to 14C

The weather in London will be 10C hotter than in Athens


Warm weather to hit this week with temperatures up to 15C

The bitingly cold temperatures of the last week or so are set to be replaced by unseasonably warm weather this week.

You can remove the layer of thermals you'd been adding to your outfit for the last week for a few days at least as temperatures are set to reach up to 14C.

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According to the Telegraph, incoming cloud is set to trap some warmth for certain parts of the country.

The Met Office reports that by Tuesday the south coast of England will see temperatures reach around 12C.

By Thursday and Friday, temperatures will average 13C in London, possibly even higher, perhaps reaching 14C.

This would mean London would be around 10C warmer than the likes of Athens, which is predicted to be 3C and 4C at the end of the week.

The average temperature in England for this time of year is around 4C.

The Met Office forecast for Wednesday to Friday reads: "Generally rather cloudy, with limited brightness, but also dry and becoming noticeably milder.

"There is a chance of a little drizzle at times, mainly Thursday."

The Sun reports that a Met Office spokesman said that while the southwesterly flow could bring "marked temperature changes" this week, it would also bring strong winds and rain with it.

But let's look on the bright side and enjoy the warmer weather just for a little bit.

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