St Andrew's Day: Beautiful cloud inversion over Scottish Highlands

The phenomenon occurs when ground moisture is trapped under colder air


This stunning footage of a cloud inversion phenomenon was observed in the Scottish Highlands, UK.

The video shows thick clouds trapped in the valley as the sun breaks through the clouds sitting higher in the sky.

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The filmer wrote online: "A rare atmospheric event where ground moisture is trapped under colder air during clear autumn or winter nights, waiting to be warmed and evaporate as the sun rises and heats the air."

This comes days after it was predicted that temperatures in the UK will drop lower than those in Iceland this week.

With numbers falling to minus eight degrees it's not just the north of England that will be affected.

The cool weather is expected to hit the southern regions as well with winter officially arriving on Thursday, 1 December.

Weather sayings: True or false?

Weather sayings: True or false?

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