New York subway wall covered in colourful sticky notes

'Subway therapy' is allowing people to share their post-election feelings


Mural chamado "Terapia de Metro" , onde pessoas escrevem mensagens em papel auto-aderente na Estação Union Square

A New York subway station wall was covered with colourful Post-It notes after locals were invited to vent their feelings in the aftermath of the US election.

Subway Therapy allowed New Yorkers to share their feelings on the future of their country, as president-elect Donald Trump prepares to be sworn into office in January.

Subway Therapy – Today I went out with post-its so people... | Facebook

The project was introduced to 14th Street station by Matthew "Levee" Chavez, who wanted to provide an outlet for fellow Americans to express themselves.

"Subway Therapy is about making people smile, laugh and feel less stress. If someone wants to get something off their chest or has a burning question, I'm happy to be there for them. I believe that people grow and learn through dynamic conversation," he said.

More than 2,000 sticky notes decorated the wall after the first day of the project, and many more were plastered on in the following days.

"We aren't alone, we have each other to lean on," one of the thousands of Post-It notes read, while others echoed similar sentiments such as "Hope resides in each and every one of us. It does not end with one man in one office" and "Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work – let's not let despair win. Because love trumps hate and we are always stronger together."

Subway Therapy – Today I went out with post-its so people... | Facebook

Subway Therapy is not the first time Levee has stationed himself behind a table and sparked conversation with the public – earlier this year he launched Secret Keeper, where he encouraged passers-by to write their deepest and darkest secrets in a book.

Instead of scrawling on paper though, strangers more often than not shunned the book and spent the moment talking to Levee.

"It got pretty common to hear, 'I feel so much better! This is great ... like therapy.' I heard it enough that it stuck and six months ago, Subway Therapy was born," he said.

Despite the success of the previous project though, Levee was not prepared for that of Subway Therapy.

Subway Therapy – Today I went out with post-its so people... | Facebook

"This has turned into so much more than I could have imagined. I provided the materials, but the people of New York provided the courage and candour in the face of crippling division," he said.

"It is important in these times of division, fear and stress to understand that in the end we are all on the same team. It is hard to communicate with each other. Passions flare, and that fire can create division even amongst people that believe in the same ideals.

"While the election results may be troubling for many, I think it is imperative to keep in mind that we need to stand together."

And stand together the people of New York did.

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