Dorchester Hotel's list of staff grooming rules doesn't go down well

Female staff emailed list of grooming requirements


Dorchester Hotel's list of grooming rules doesn't go down well

The Dorchester Hotel has come under fire over its grooming demands to female staff.

The upmarket Mayfair hotel reportedly told female staff they were not to turn up to work with "overly garish or bright make up".

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Women were also told they should not arrive with oily skin, or have body odour.

Body hair was also another big no-no, and women's legs should be shaved even when wearing tights, reports The Sun.

The list didn't go down too well with some staff.

One employee told the Daily Mail: "It is disgusting. This list is like something out of the dark ages, and downright offensive.

"It's not as though you choose to have oily skin and a lot of women, especially teenagers, cannot help it – no facial wash or moisturiser in the world can control that."

In a statement, General Manager and UK Regional Director, Roland Fasel, told AOL Travel: "The Dorchester has a proud community of employees who uphold world-leading hospitality standards including grooming, in line with many other luxury brands.

"All new applicants are sent a copy of our grooming standards in advance of interview."

The Dorchester has become synonymous with rich and famous clientele.

Dorchester Hotel's list of grooming rules doesn't go down well

The £700-a-night hotel has been known to host stars including David and Victoria Beckham, Tom Cruise, and even the Queen.

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