Two-mile long drawing of man with bird head found in Australian desert

Will we ever find out who created the mysterious 'Maree Man'?


In June 1998 Trevor Wright, a pilot, was on a routine flight over the red desert of the Australian outback when he came across something completely unexpected.

Wright looked down to see a strange shape carved into the ground below him: a human figure with a bird's head.

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The bizarre figure is more two and a half miles in length.

The question isn't just how did it get there, but why would someone want to created it in the first place.

The strange carving is located near the town of Maree in South Australia, 360 miles north of Adelaide.

It is the largest depiction of a human that has ever been created and, amazingly, it's even visible from space.

For years the mystery remained unexplained but then rumours surfaced that the eccentric Australian artist Bardius Godlberg may have created it.

He had previously spoken to various people about creating such a figure, it has been revealed.

However, a few years after the discovery of the 'Maree Man' the artist died in strange circumstances.

He was involved in a bar fight where a tooth was knocked out, which later led to septicaemia, eventually killing him.

Goldberg had never publicly admitted to the creation of the 'Maree Man' which means locals still have no idea who made the enormous figure.

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