Shocking moment women lift children and pram over level crossing

British Transport Police releases video of worrying footage of West London incident


A "frightening" video showing two women lifting their young children and a pram over a level crossing in Feltham, West London has been released by British Transport Police.

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The footage, that it has branded "worrying," shows the women walking along train tracks and climbing over the barriers from a platform just before a train passes by.

According to ITV News, the incident took place earlier this year and officers have not been able to find the people in the footage.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Inspector Becky Warren said it was "truly frightening".

She said: "There simply is no excuse to be walking on the tracks and jumping over the barriers.

"Thankfully neither the man, the women nor their children were injured.

"But this could have had fatal consequences. I've seen first-hand the consequences of taking a shortcut over a level crossing and the heartbreak and suffering that families and loved ones are left with."