Canadian airline to serve McDonald's coffee on board

WestJet announces new partnership with fast-food outlet

McDonalds served on westjet flights

Travellers on WestJet flights could soon be feasting on Chicken McNuggets after the Canadian airline announced a new partnership with McDonald's to bring the fast-food chain to the skies.

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WestJet Airlines said it will start serving McCafé's brewed coffee to passengers on 650 flights, with an estimated 30,000 cups served per day on its 140 Boeing 737 and 767 jets.

In a press release, McDonald's Canada's president and CEO John Betts said: "We've always believed that the sky is the limit for McCafé – and today this officially rings true.

"We're proud that Canadians have welcomed McCafé into their homes and daily routines, and now our partnership with WestJet lets us take this connection to even greater heights for Canadian coffee lovers."

According to CBC, the coffee will be free of charge and served alongside other drinks, such as water, juice and tea.

McDonald's loyalty card members will also benefit thanks to the peelable sticker point and loyalty card on every cup.

The Toronto Star reports that when asked if other popular McDonald's products, such as Chicken McNuggets, will be introduced, WestJet CEO Gregg Saretsky said: "Possibly. We really want to make sure we get the coffee right first."

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