It's snowing November in Tokyo for the first time in 54 years

People in Japan's capital wake up to a November white out for the first time

Tokyo snow

Tokyo snow

Tokyo residents woke up on Thursday to the first November snowfall in more than 50 years.

An unusually cold air mass brought wet snow to Japan's capital.

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Above-freezing temperatures kept the snow from sticking in most places, though it did accumulate on pavements and cars in Tokyo's far western suburbs.

Tokyo snow

Meteorologists forecast up to an inch would fall, and more in the mountains north-west of Tokyo. The last time it snowed in central Tokyo in November was 1962.

Snow falling on top of autumn leaves made for a bit of a strange picture.

But people were loving it.

Even if it did make the morning commute a little trickier, with minor train delays.

Snow Tokyo

Not to mention the cold.

It was worth it for how pretty it all was.