TripAdvisor's best-value experiences of a lifetime

Here's how to save money on your bucket list adventures

Northern Lights revealed as the best value experience of a lifetime

Watching the sun set over Santorini, diving on the Great Barrier Reef and soaking in the sights at the Grand Canyon are just a few experiences that feature on plenty of people's bucket lists.

But for most of us, the purse strings don't stretch far enough to tick off many things in the dream holiday list.

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TripAdvisor, the planning and booking site, recently revealed the top 10 best value experiences of a lifetime by working out how much, on average, these awe-inspiring sights will set you back..

The TripIndex Experiences of a Lifetime outlines the cost per day for two people to visit the world's most popular once in a lifetime experiences.

Prices take into account flights, airport transfers, a night in a four-star hotel, dinner and a day tour of the chosen experience.

Want to see the full list of experiences and prices? Take a look at the slideshow below...

Top 10 experiences of a lifetime

Top 10 experiences of a lifetime