The Dead Sea is disappearing faster than thought

Mineral extraction and water pipeline is taking its toll

The Dead Sea also called the Salt Sea, is a salt lake that lies in Jordan valley, between Israel and Jordan. Its surface is 423

The salt lake located between Israel and Jordan known as the Dead Sea is drying out at an alarming rate, say experts.

The lake is shrinking by about 3.3 feet per year due to water resources being diverted from it for the use of a pipeline to supply water to Israel.

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Another reason it's losing water is mineral extraction. Minerals from the Dead Sea are often used in cosmetics and other products.

In 2015, Israel and Jordan signed a $900 million dollar deal in an attempt to stabilise the water levels of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea remains a popular travel destination, with many flocking to the lake which is 34% salt.

A group of marathon swimmers recently swam a stretch of the Dead Sea to bring awareness to the falling water levels.

They wore protective face masks, but one still said the water was "like acid burning your eyeballs."

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