Crocodile launches at tourist boat in Australia

Tourists scream in terror as crocodile launches out of the water

The tourists scream in shock, but the attack was short-lived and nobody was hurt.

A group of tourists were left a little shaken when an enormous crocodile suddenly emerged from the water in an apparent attack on their boat in Australia.

The group were happily watching a crocodile swimming towards in the left hand of the screen when, out of nowhere, another crocodile launches, seen at the bottom right of the footage.

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The tourists scream in shock, but the attack was short-lived and nobody was hurt.

The footage, which we first saw at the Daily Star, was uploaded to LiveLeak with the caption: "These tourists were admiring the wildlife that surrounded them as they trekked across a river in the boat. However, all that tranquility quickly turned to terror when a crocodile attacked their boat. Luckily, no one was injured during the incident and were only spooked by the reptile's viciousness."

The tour guide can be heard telling the group: "The targets of the arm movements attracted him in," adding a handy little tip: "So just remember, no arms out the side."

Some people commented that the crocodiles may have been fed before which is why they came over to the boat. One wrote: "Those crocs have probably been fed before so they come to the boat", while another replied: "Thats how they teach them to come to the boat so they can get feed because normally in the wild the crocodile will avoid the boat at all cost."

And one person just joked: "I'm going on the koala tour." We might join them on that one...

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