Half-naked hero saves dog fallen through ice in Russia

Dog had become stranded in icy pond 

Half-naked hero saves dog fallen through ice in Russia

A half-naked man came to the rescue of a dog that had fallen through a hole on an icy lake in Russia.

The dog can be seen struggling to get out of its icy prison and would surely have drowned or frozen to death were it not for the intervention of the half-dressed hero.

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In the video, which was uploaded to LiveLeak but we first saw at the Metro, he is seen running in to the shot in nothing but a pair of long johns.

He gets flat on his tummy and tries to grab the dog, which at first seems unsure.

With advice from friends watching on the sideline, the man eventually manages to grab the dog on the collar and pull him swiftly out of the hole.

Hundreds of people commented on the video after it was uploaded to LiveLeak. In response to suggestions that the dog bit the man, one user said: "All the imbeciles thinking the dog wanted to bite the man because he saw him a a supposed "threat".

"A bit of animal psychology, dogs never pick up objects with their paws, only with their mouths. The dog was trying to pull himself out of the water by holding on to the human with his mouth, he wasn't relying on the human to pull him out."

Another said: "Well, when an animal is actually dying, everything that surrounds him constitutes a threat. Glad that the Russian understood it and kept trying to grab the dog to save him."

One user called him an "awesome guy", and a number of people pointed out that he wasn't even wearing any shoes. One person joked: "Russians! We have an antifreeze in our blood;)."

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