Which countries drink the most alcohol?

The top five are in Europe!

These are the countries that drink the most

It's a title we probably shouldn't be gunning for, considering the negative health effects associated with drinking. But people seem to have a sense of pride when it comes to which country drinks the most alcohol.

So which is it? The Daily Viz created an interactive map which shows off the annual per capita alcohol consumption for each country.

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And the top ten are all in Europe.

The top five are Austria followed by Croatia, ​Czech Republic, Lithuania and the top country is Belarus. ​

Near​ the bottom end of things there's Kuwait, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Bangladesh.

For Belarus the Daily Viz is saying the average person drinks ​more than​ four gallons of alcohol a year with just under half of that coming from spirits alone...

Drink your way around the world!

Drink your way around the world!