Watch: The Aurora Australis and Milky Way over Tasmania

Southern Lights captured in amazing footage that took 18 months

Aurora australis taken from Howden, southern Tasmania.

A photographer from Tasmania has captured the beautiful Aurora Australis and shots of the Milky Way across an 18-month timeframe to create the stunning of natural light shows.

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Jo Malcolmson described the video to Storyful: "It took many long hours of timelapse photography to showcase the extraordinary night life of our local haunt, South Arm, Tasmania. A symphony of stunning Milky Way and Aurora Australis nightscape scenery, with a sprinkling of whimsical dancing under the stars."

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The lights are the southern hemisphere's version of the famous Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), that are often best seen in Northern Scandinavia and Finland.

Incredible ways to see the Northern Lights

Incredible ways to see the Northern Lights