Which is the best plane seat for the smoothest ride?

Plane seats with the smoothest ride
Plane seats with the smoothest ride

As well as all the people who are scared to fly, there are also people who are bothered by the comfort level or the fact that any bumpiness caused by turbulence could really make them sick.

Yes, there are also those of us who get a little motion sickness whenever the air gets a little choppy, and there are those who think turbulence means it's time to make peace with a higher power.

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With that in mind a pilot recently took to Quora, a question and answer site, to reveal which seats on a plane will feel the least amount of bumps.

His answer? People sitting at the back of the plane will feel the most thrashing as instruments known as the the elevator and the stabilizer are located here and are used to try and correct ​the bumps in turbulence.

But you'll probably want to avoid the main wings too.

The best place he says is the front of the plane, which is ahead of the aircraft's center of gravity.

On most planes, this is not an option, considering that's where they like to put the first class people...