World's tallest tropical tree found in Borneo

It measures 94.1 metres

Montane rainforest, Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

The world's tallest tropical tree has been discovered in Borneo.

Located in a protected forest reserve in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, the tree reaches a height of 94.1m.

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National Geographic reports that Greg Asner of the Carnegie Airborne Observatory (CAO) revealed the new record holder this week at the 2016 International Heart of Borneo Conference.

Earlier this year, a team of researchers believed they had found the tallest tree in Maliau Basin, measuring 89.5m but after concurrent laser scanning across Sabah's forests showed one huge tree on a hillside in Danum Valley measuring 94.1m.

California redwoods are the tallest known trees anywhere and measure 116m.

Speaking to Mongabay, Asner said: "This tallest tropical tree, and the 49 runners-up, are truly phenomenal expressions of the power of nature.

"Conservation needs inspiration, and these sentinels of the Bornean jungle provide that to us. This discovery is a gift to science, to the people of Sabah and Borneo, and to the world."

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