Mystery object crash lands in Myanmar jade mine

Large metal cylinder fell from the sky in Kachin state


An unidentified metal object fell from the sky and landed in a jade mining area in Myanmar on Thursday.

The large cylinder was found in Kachin state, in the north of the country also known as Burma.

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According to the BBC, the object measured 4.5m long and 1.3m wide.

As another piece of metal with Chinese writing fell through the roof of a nearby house, it is believed both objects may be part of a Chinese rocket.

The Guardian reports that local residents heard an explosion as the cylinder fell to the earth and bounced 50 metres across the mine.

Ko Maung Myo told the Myanmar Times: "Every local thought it was the explosion of heavy artillery.

"I think it was an engine because I found a diode and many copper wires at the tail of the body."

Government officials say they haven't identified the object but experts will examine it, Live Science reports.

Space debris is normal with satellite and rocket launches.

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