The best countries to emigrate to now Trump is president

Americans are googling 'how to emigrate' in the light of the election result


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A surprisingly strong showing from Donald Trump has left nervous Americans contemplating emigration.

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But which would be the best countries to move to?

Here are a few ideas, courtesy of the Daily Mirror.


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Google searches for "how to move to Canada" surged after Trump swept to victory in seven states on Super Tuesday.

The country is one of the most welcoming for immigrants and more than 20% of Canadians were foreign-born as of 2011.

Canada also has an express entry program for skilled immigrants and points are awarded based on your skills, education, languages you speak, and whether you have a job offer.


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Trump may think it's full of rapists and drug smugglers, but four out of five expats say that getting used to the local culture in Mexico is generally easy.

Over 90% appreciate the friendliness of the Mexican population.

Mexico also boasts one of the strongest economies in Latin America and the capital, Mexico City, is growing at an impressive rate with excellent opportunities for all budding entrepreneurs.

The Arctic Circle

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If a Trump presidency makes you want to flee as far away as humanly possible, Svalbard may be for you - as long as you don't mind the cold.

The tiny archipelago has 2,642 residents and is largely self-governed.

The Immigration Act does not apply meaning no residence permit or visa is required to settle in Svalbard.


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The Scandinavian countries regularly top the world's quality of life indices.

Norway ranks no. 2 of all the OECD countries for jobs and life satisfaction, Finland's no.1 for education, Sweden stands out for health care and Denmark's no. 1 for work-life balance. And the crime dramas are great.


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OK, it's not exactly a beacon of freedom. But if you're a fan of state support, then you should know good government helped transform Singapore from a city of slums to one of the richest countries in the world.

Six in ten workers in Singapore are foreign, so you could be in demand. If you like your politics a lot further left and cities more exciting, you could try Hong Kong instead .

New Zealand

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The Australian government makes Trump look a soft touch. But New Zealand's another story. Its multi-party government is led by moderates and the Greens are the third biggest party.

Kiwis have a higher employment rate than in the UK, and the economy is outperforming all other OECD countries (a group of developed nations). Brits can get a temporary working visa for 23 months.

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