Tourists dodge falling trees and collapsing cliffs in Madeira

Luckily they made it out safely!

Tourists dodge falling rocks and trees in Madeira

It's not always easy to navigate foreign roads while you're on holiday.

After all it's unlikely that you know where you're going, you might be on the other side of the road and there's a fair chance you'll be in a car you've never driven before.

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But what makes it even harder is when you're dodging falling rocks and trees at the same time like this British couple had to on their holiday in Madeira.

The footage above shows their perilous journey along one of the island's mountain roads after heavy rainfall.

The woman behind the camera explains: "There's been really heavy rain and the roads and the cliffs all around us have just collapsed."

They also pointed out they were travelling on just one bar of petrol and their Smart car had only a 'little, flimsy soft-top roof'... oh, and they were lost!

At one point in the footage they approach a huge pile of rubble and branches which appear to be blocking almost the entire width of the road.

Luckily the end of the footage shows the road starting to clear as they make their way out of the mountains and back to safety!

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