Man who sent a drone to pick up a sausage sandwich faces fine

Hungry Australian gets into trouble with Civil Aviation Authority


Sausage sandwich on white bread

A man in Australia is facing a huge fine after using his drone to fly to a local hardware store to pick up a sausage sandwich.

Drone footage obtained by EFTM shows a man placing a note in a plastic bag reading "Please buy snag (Aussie word for sausages) and put in bag, here's $10″. He then flew the drone to the local Bunnings Warehouse.

Legend, right? Well, not according to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), who are responsible for defining the airspace regulations and for dishing out fines where appropriate. According to EFTM, the official CASA YouTube account posted a comment on the suspect drone video, noting that it was being reviewed by regulators.

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They said: "We are currently reviewing this video for compliance with Australia's aviation safety regulations. Breaching these laws with illegal drone flights may attract fines ranging between $540-$9,000 (£333-£5,556). It is our responsibility to ensure you are operating within the rules, available at"

While it is legal to fly a drone recreationally, there are strict rules around flying in and around areas with lots of people, for fear of causing injury.

So what do we think? Is the fine justifiable for a man trying to get some lunch or no?

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