Creepy abandoned theme parks around the world

Would you be brave enough to take a tour?

Creepiest abandoned theme parks in the world

If you're brave enough to ride the tallest rollercoaster, would you be brave enough to take a stroll through an abandoned theme park?

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It might not sound too daunting, but wait until you read about some of the creepiest derelict amusement parks in the world!

10. Okpo Land

Found in South Korea, Okpo Land was home to an infamous duck-theme ride which caused at least two fatalities before the theme park shut down in May 1999. The first fatality occurred in the early 1900s when the train suddenly derailed and crashed to the ground. No explanation was given by the theme park owners and a very similar incident occurred nine years later. Following the accident the park was closed and the owner vanished. The park has been abandoned but the duck train still remains in the same upturned position it landed in when the tragedy occurred.

9. Gulliver's Kingdom

This park was built next to Japan's most notable area for suicide - Aokigahara Forest. The park was based on the 18th century book Gulliver's Travels and it was left to rot after shutting down in 2001 - only four years after it opened. According to local legend the forest is teeming with ghosts and spirits so it's no surprise the theme park wasn't overrun with guests. While the park is now empty, the creepy 44-foot statue of Gulliver on the ground still remains.

8. Pripyat Amusement Park

Just five days before the park was due to open, tragedy struck the Ukrainian town. The park was built for the workers of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant but ultimately that's what stopped the park from ever properly opening. The nuclear disaster caused utter devastation and although it's reported the park was opened for a short amount of time the day after the incident, the park was quickly evacuated.

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7. Dadipark

This was once the prime attraction of the Belgium town, Dadiziel but it was forced to close after a gruesome incident in 2000 on the water ride where a young boy lost his arm. The owner wasn't reprimanded and complaints about safety started to flood in.

6. Holy Land

This unusual theme park was inspired by select passages from the Bible and used to draw in 40,000 people annually in the 60s and 70s. It was closed after the man who created it died from natural causes. The park was then left to a group of nuns who decided to close it to the public and since then it has slowly decayed. A businessman bought the park in 2013 and discussions to revive the park are currently taking place.

5. Taman Festival

This theme park in Bali was only open for three years but it scares the locals so much now that no one will go near it. According to urban legend the ghost town is inhabited by creepy spirits. The centre of the park was home to a crocodile pitt - when it was closed, rumour has it that the crocodiles were just left to fend for themselves.

4. Jazzland

It's been over a decade since Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans but one landmark remains an eery reminder of the devastation that hit the city. When the hurricane hit the park was submerged in two metres of water and remained so for over a month. The park is now patrolled by 24 security and is also home to new residents, the 3.6m long crocodiles that came in with the flood waters.

3. Dogpatch

When it first opened in 1968 in Arkansas the park was a huge success. But when investors tried to recreate the success with a sister park called 'Marble Falls' everything fell apart and both parks shut down. The deeds to Dogpatch were handed over to a teenager as a result of a lawsuit. The boy had been driving through the park when he was nearly decapitated by a wire strung between two trees - the lawsuit went in his favour and he was awarded the park when they couldn't pay. There are rumours it will reopen.

2. Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

Abandoned parks are spooky enough as it is but this one is said to be cursed too after a disagreement over the land with Native Americans in the past. The park was later responsible for six deaths and was eventually shut in 1966 and left to rot.

1. River Country

Opened in 1976, River Country was Walt Disney World's first water park and things went swimmingly until 1980 when a boy died after ingesting a rare brain-eating amoeba when playing in the park's lake. The park didn't close immediately and visitors were outraged by Disney's apparent lack of concern for safety. The park stayed open for another 21 years and during this time five more incidents occurred at the park with three drownings, one boy eaten by an alligator and another woman who died after riding the water flume.

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World's scariest theme park rides