Man strips naked and jumps on rail tracks, causing train delays

Southern Rail passengers given a whole new reason for delays


Credits: Twitter/@LiannaBrinded

Southern Rail passengers were given a whole new reason for delays yesterday (Monday) when a man stripped naked, jumped on the train tracks and began rapping.

Commuters trying to get home faced severe disruption due to the bizarre trespassing incident at Norwood Junction station - as the man repeatedly refused requests to get back on to the platform.

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The Croydon Advertiser reported that all lines through the station were blocked from about 6pm onwards while staff tried to sort out the situation.

Lianna Brinded, a commuter who was at the station, tweeted: "Police with Tasers have arrived for the trespasser on the tracks at Norwood Junction."

She took pictures which showed that as the stand-off continued the unidentified man undressed until he had nothing on from the waist up.

The man, who appeared to be in high spirits, also at one stage began rapping - claiming he wanted to be on YouTube.

Southern Rail said that the power to the tracks had to be switched off while police tried to get the man off the tracks.

Credits: Twitter/@LiannaBrinded


All attempts to persuade him to leave the track reportedly failed - and the man ran off in the direction of East Croydon.

Lines were eventually reopened at around 7.30pm - but with police reportedly unable to locate the trespasser the trains ran slower as a "precaution".

Commuters reported their journeys home took two to three hours longer than normal.

Southern Rail is often in the headlines of late - as customers routinely complain of delays due to "faulty trains" often causing widespread delays and disruption across the network, as well as planned strikes around Christmas by staff in dispute with its owners.

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