When is the best day of the week to book a hotel room?

Expedia report reveals what to book and when

This is why Sunday is the best day to book a hotel room

For some people out there they can just click any hotel and flight prices and not worry about it.

They may even take drinks from the mini fridge because money just doesn't matter and life is grand.

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For the rest of us to be able to squeeze as much as we can out of our holidays we need to do a bit of wheeling and dealing which gets frustrating but when you get a good deal it's a huge win and you feel great.

In order to help us out Expedia put together some information, analysing their own data about how to best save and then released it out to us so we can get out there and get travelling!

They say that the best day to book is on a Sunday.

They also say that including Sunday night on a trip is a sure way to bring the overall cost down from trips that don't include it.

They also said you can maximize the savings by travelling on Sundays and that booking between three and four weeks before your trip can save you cash too.

With these top tips in the bag, booking holidays will never be so stressful again!

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