Watch: Plane crash-lands on driving training course

Luckily instructors noticed the plane was flying at low altitude

Plane crashes onto driving training course

Participants at a driving school in Florida got more than they bargained for when a single engine plane crash-landed on their course.

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The driving instructors had noticed the plane flying at a low altitude.

They reported hearing the plane's engine sputtering and then seeing the plane begin to rapidly descend.

Luckily, they were able to order everyone off the driving track to clear it for an emergency landing.

The pilot attempted the landing near the far end of the track but was unable to bring the plane to a complete stop, crashing into a chain-link fence just yards away from multiple parked cars and the training facility building.

"Although the plane sustained significant damage, no one was injured including the pilot who walked away without a scratch"

The incident is under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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