Fossilised grizzly bear spotted on Mars

The sighting was made from an image shared by NASA

Potential fossilised grizzly bear found on Mars

Mars may be a cold and barren place now, but based on the many discoveries made by alien seekers, it was once the most happening spot in the solar system.

Perhaps what helped put it on the must visit list of the universe's most advanced civilizations was its impressive range of wildlife - because, based on recent findings, this included curly haired grizzly bears.

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Scott C. Waring, a prominent member of the UFO enthusiast community, recently wrote about the sighting which was made via an image recently shared by NASA.

It's claimed that it could either be a fossil or a statue.

He said he was leaning towards the former due to the martian bear's dark hair and contrasting white teeth.

Notably many of the highly accomplished statues found on Mars, which include likenesses of God's, ancient warriors and of course aliens, do tend to be of a single hue and lacking in tonal variations.

Images from space by astronaut Andre Kuipers

Images from space by astronaut Andre Kuipers