Britons survive five days lost in Mexican jungle

Group survived on M&Ms and raw fish


A British woman has spoken of spending five days stranded in a Mexican jungle after she and her group got lost when their canoe capsized in the Yucatan Peninsula.

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Rachel Bradley, 31, was with fellow Brit Mike Burgess, 52, when they lost their clothes, food and equipment and were forced to stay in a tree for their safety.

She was part of a group of four people, which included a 42-year-old man from Gibraltar and a 24-year-old man from Mexico, the BBC reports.

A stranger named Juan de Dios eventually rescued the group from Ninth Wave Global, an environmental consultancy operating in remote areas, but Bradley, from Stockton-on Tees, spoke of the group surviving on a bag of M&Ms and catching small fish in a mosquito net.

Speaking to the Northern Echo, she said: "The best thing was to stay put. We had a safe place to sleep and a clear area if anything came overhead."

She added: "My colleagues had started testing a local fruit they recognised and had caught some small fish using my mosquito net.

"They cut the heads off and swallowed them whole."

A spokesman for Ninth Wave Global said: "Rachel and the others were found by a local search team who helped them get out of the jungle to food, clean water and a bed for the night."

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