Man faces jail over plane bomb hoax 'to stop wife leaving'

Airport had to be evacuated and nine flights were cancelled


Man faces jail over plane bomb hoax  'to stop wife leaving'

A man is facing three years in jail after making a hoax bomb threat to an airport in a bid to stop his wife from leaving him.

Ilya Eremeev called Manas International Airport an airport in Kyrgyzstan anonymously, claiming there was a bomb on a plane on the afternoon his wife was due to fly to Moscow on a business trip.

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According to the Telegraph, the incident occurred on Monday at around 4.15pm local time and caused chaos at the airport, sparking an evacuation as well as several flight cancellations.

The BBC reports that Mr Eremeev was arrested and is being held while police investigate.

If charges are brought against him, he could face up to three years in jail for providing false information about an act of terrorism.

The National Security Agency noted that Mr Eremeev was "in a drunken state" when he made the false threat.

Nine flights from Manas International Airport were affected by his actions.

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