Firefighters rescue horse trapped in muddy riverbank

It took 10 men to pull the stricken animal to safety


Firefighters rescue horse trapped in muddy riverbank

Firefighters had to come to the rescue of a horse that became trapped in a muddy riverbank in Oxfordshire.

The horse got stuck in the mud near the River Windrush, close to Willow Farm in Witney.

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According to the BBC, 10 firefighters used specialist animal equipment to free the animal.

Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service also sent two fire engines, and a 4x4 crew to help pull the horse out, reports the Oxford Times.

According to ITV News, Glen Lee, of the rescue service, said: "Working closely with the vet and the horse's owner, our firefighters put into practice nationally recognised techniques that allowed the horse to be successfully freed without injury."

Back in 2013, firefighters had a real task ahead of them when they were called to help a horse dangerously stuck in a muddy sink hole in Somerset.

The poor creature was stuck fast after falling into the 10ft deep and 20ft wide hole, which opened up after heavy rain in Shepton Mallet.

After a three-hour ordeal, the horse was eventually successfully rescued unharmed.

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