Virgin Trains introduces never-ending ticket

The world's first ticket relay will live on forever

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Virgin Trains has unveiled the world's first 'Never-Ending Ticket', a special First Class train ticket which will be continuously passed between customers, allowing each passenger a complimentary First Class journey on the West Coast.

Whether it's a business trip, a visit to friends at university, or a trip to explore some of the best cities Britain has to offer, Virgin Trains' Never-Ending Ticket will allow people to travel the length of the UK.

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To use the special ticket, you must take part in the game by tracking its movements along the route and then tweet @VirginTrains with the hashtag #NeverEndingTicket, along with your reason for travelling and where you would like to go.

@VirginTrains will then pick a winner at random and arrange for them to collect the 'Never-Ending Ticket' from the last lucky person who used it.

The process will repeat itself again and again as the ticket goes on an amazing continuous journey around the West Coast route. The train ticket will live on and on as long as the social media community keep it alive. It will be allowed three fails before the relay ends so this really is a game that lives and dies by customers' involvement.

Patrick McCall, Co-Chairman for Virgin Trains, said: "Virgin Trains' 'Never-Ending Ticket' is the first of its kind in the world and will give more people the opportunity to travel to some of the amazing destinations that we have on our route.

"Let's see how long our customers can keep it going!"

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