Man climbs into panda enclosure to impress women at zoo

Tourist lucky to escape uninjured as the panda wanted to play


A zoo visitor in China allegedly climbed into a panda enclosure to impress two female companions.

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The man, aged around 20, was grabbed and knocked to the ground by the panda at Nanchang Zoo, in Nanchang, Jiangxi province.

According to the South China Morning Post, his trousers were torn.

The manager of the zoo said that the man is lucky that 12-year-old male giant panda Mei Ling wanted to play, otherwise he may have been seriously injured by the 120kg animal.

Giant pandas can be dangerous when they become agitated and are able to cause serious injuries with their sharp claws and jaws.

After the panda hugged the man's leg and sat on him, it rolled over and the man ran off.

According to the People, the man later said he was trying to show off to his female friends.

He was given a medical check and was found unharmed.

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