Couple find snake in new car

The 5ft-long corn snake was discovered as they drove on the M5


A couple from Bristol were shocked to find a corn snake in their new car they were driving home from a dealership in Sheffield.

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Claire Brealey and her partner pulled over on the hard shoulder of the M5 when their dog became "distressed".

According to the BBC, they investigated and found the 5ft-long snake wrapped around their dog's leg.

Central Motorway Police Group said one of its patrols spotted the couple's Nissan Navara on the hard shoulder.

According to Sky News, Sergeant Dave Lonsdale described the discovery as his "most bizarre job for a long time".

A woman, who saw the story on Facebook, believes the snake belongs to her.

Speaking to the BBC, Fiona Wellington said her pet snake Keith went missing before she sold her car to a dealer.

"I put Keith in his travel box and my son, Jack, opened up the box to say goodbye and I don't think he closed it properly," she said.

ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2016

ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2016