'Poltergeist' terrifies museum staff in Devon by throwing books off shelves

CCTV footage shows David Wills and his colleague chatting before chaos breaks out


This is the spine-chilling moment a suspected 'poltergeist' started flinging books and leaflets off bookshelves in front of spooked museum staff - like something out of a Ghostbusters film.

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The spooky CCTV footage shows David Wills and his colleague stood in the shop in Torquay, Devon, chatting to each other when chaos unexpectedly breaks out on the other side.

When he first sees that some leaflets have dropped from the shelf he rushes over to pick them up. Then suddenly - without warning - another pile of leaflets flies off the shelf right in front of Mr Wills' eyes.

The museum researcher looks stunned in the footage - and can be seen pointing at the shelf where the leaflets flew from.

As a startled colleague rushes to his side they can both be seen looking confused at the stack of paper left lying on the floor.

The pair leave the pile where it is sat and both scarper from the museum shop as fast as they can.

According to the MailOnline, this is not the first spine-tingling incident to have happened at the museum in recent years. It reports that photograph of a candle-lit 'female' ghost was snapped during a ghost hunting evening at the museum in May last year.

It added that staff claim nobody else was in the room when the terrifying image was shot.

The Torquay Museum in Devon, founded in 1844, features artefacts collected from around the world by explorers from the town. This includes the mummified remains of a young boy from Ancient Egypt aged around four-years-old.

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