Police arrest man dressed as a tree

Asher Woodworth decided to dress up as a tree and stand at a busy US traffic intersection


A 'human tree' has been arrested for blocking traffic in the US.

That's right, this is the best story of your year so far.

A local TV news editor spotted the man and shared pictures on Twitter.

According to WECT, 30-year-old Asher Woodworth was arrested on Congress Street in Portland, Maine, after he walked back and forth slowly through the middle of an intersection dressed as a tree.

Many sightings have been made on Twitter.

There are mixed reports as to why Woodworth apparently decided to dress up as a tree and stand in a traffic intersection, as he has not accepted any interviews. According to CBS News, a friend of the man said he was trying to study the city's traffic patterns.

Meanwhile, local police chief Vern Malloch told the Portland Press Herald that Woodworth, a professional dancer, had said he was performing.

Naturally the story of Woodworth's arrest has attracted a plethora of wooden jokes.

Fortunately the bail was set at $60 in cash, and he was able to pay and be released later that night.

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