Woman shocked by Expedia's response to negative review

Cara Viramontes couldn't believe the message she was sent...


Los Angeles resident Cara Viramontes is accusing Expedia of cancelling her travel plans and writing her a message with the phrase 'f**k you!' which she suspects is related to a negative review she had given to the travel site.

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On 17 October she posted an account of the incident on Facebook saying: "I went to look online at my itinerary and saw the words 'f**k you' from Expedia and right below it, it said 'flight cancelled'.

She also included what appears to be a phone screenshot of the website where the offensive phrase was posted.

Viramontes wrote that she ended up speaking to a man in the corporate office who didn't address the foul language but he did tell her she would be charged $200 to re-book the flight.

She went on to speculate that the email and retaliation were in response to a negative review she had submitted about a prior customer service issue.

Since then she posted an update to Facebook saying her original itinerary has been restored and Expedia have offered her an additional travel voucher.

The company is still reportedly looking into the rude message.

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