Screaming children forced into snake pit in 'team-building exercise'

The programme was organised by education officials in Malaysia

Screaming children forced into snake pit in 'team-building exercise'

A distressing video has emerged online showing a group of schoolgirls being forced to wade through a watery snake pit as part of a team-building exercise.

The girls can be seen being forced to step into the pit with snakes swimming in it. They are also hosed down with water in a bid, it seems, to make it more difficult for them to get out.

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At one point the video shows the moment a snake is thrown into the pit as the girls are in there.

The group can be heard screaming as they scramble to get out as fast as possible.

RT News reports that the ordeal was part of a team-building exercise conducted by a school at a camp in the state of Perak, supported by the Malaysian Civil Defence Department.

Perak Civil Defense Department Director Colonel Mohd Noor Hassan Ashaari Sulaiman told state news agency Bernama that the camp's coordinators had modelled the exercise on training videos found on YouTube.

However, he said the use of snakes, which were non-venomous, was not approved by the department and was not part of its self-development module.

According to the Metro, he said: "This incident cannot be taken lightly."

The site added that four coaches and six assistants have been suspended following the incident.

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