This luxurious Manhattan apartment costs $1 per month to rent

Walk-in wardrobes, roof terrace and views of the Empire State Building (and no, there isn't a catch)


It sounds too good to be true, but it's possible to live in a Manhattan apartment for less than you'd spend on a cup of coffee.

Rupert Hunt, the founder and CEO of is offering the kind of rent that New Yorkers only dream of.

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The three bedroom loft in New York City's West Village neighborhood could easily rent for $8000 per month, but Rupert is offering his tenants a steal at only $12 per year.

He's relocating from London to Manhattan and wants roommates who "enhance each other's lives."

"I don't want affordability to get in the way of finding the right people, so I'm offering the rooms for just one dollar per month."

Hunt says he wants to start his life in New York with roommates because sharing with the right people beats living alone.

He recalls financially struggling when he moved to London at the age of 21, and hopes the drastically reduced rent could help someone else on the path to pursuing their dreams.

In the 3400 square foot luxury apartment, each roommate will have a walk in closet, and access to a private rooftop deck, with two bbqs and views of the Empire State Building.

A few odd things the potential roommates will have to deal with: A disco ball in the living room, for those party nights in, and a picture of Prince Charles in the bathroom.

Imagine being able to pay rent with less than one bill out of the ATM! It's a great deal, whatever city you're in...

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