Fisherman releases rare 14 pound lobster back into sea

The huge crustacean washed ashore in Bermuda

Fisherman releases rare lobster back into sea

This colossal lobster weighs a staggering 14 pounds and was found when it washed ashore in Bermuda.

It's thought that the huge crustacean made its way to the island after Hurricane Nicole battered the island.

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Most lobsters for sale are between 1 and 3 pounds. The biggest one on record weighed more than 40 pounds.

As for this giant, it was put back into the water to continue living instead of making its way to a plate in a restaurant.

Footage of the lobster was posted to the Sanctuary Marine Bermuda Facebook page and shows the crustacean being weighed before it was put back in the water.

Commenting on the footage those who caught the lobster said: "Hopefully people will see the hook in it's toe and realise we caught it by accident and only pulled it on land to get the hook out and untangle it from our fishing line before letting it back go.

"I think most people will see that as an act of kindness!"

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