Fisherman fends off great white shark with broom

There was a 20 minute tussle before Dan Hoey went elsewhere

Brave fisherman fends off shark with broom

Video showing a man fighting off a Great White shark has gone viral for his choice of weapon - a GARDEN BROOM.

The incredible battle between bloke and beast was captured on camera, and shows the churning water as the fish really digs in.

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Fisherman Dan Hoey was out on his boat off Port Fairy in Victoria, Australia, with his brother and a client on Thursday when he got the fright of his life.

"This big beast turned up and wouldn't leave us alone," Mr Hoey wrote on Facebook.

"The shark nearly took a chunk out of my Yamaha motors, leaving a few small dents and scratches."

In his panic, Mr Hoey, who runs fishing business Salty Dog Charters with his wife, reached for the closest weapon he could find and set about beating back the 5.5m Great White with it.

She was attracted by the bait they had set in the water for their fishing trip, where they were seeking non-lethal gummy sharks.

Mr Hoey described the shark as "fired up" and added that he believed she was heavily pregnant.

After a 20-minute tussle with the battle-scarred fish, Mr Hoey took his boat and went fishing elsewhere.

Last week video of a Great White shark breaking into a diver's cage while chasing bait emerged, showing the creature thrashing through the supposedly shark-proof bars.

Fortunately, the man inside was left unharmed as the fish emerges from the water, clearly distressed and bleeding in several places, and swam away.

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