British man held by police after storming off holiday plane

Man walked off the plane after having a row with his wife

British man held by police after storming off holiday plane

A British man was charged after storming off a plane in Italy following a furious row with his partner.

Peter Kempton, 43, was en route from East Midlands airport to Corfu when the Thomas Cook plane had to be diverted to Brindisi due to bad weather.

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The couple had a fight and Mr Kempton made a bid for the plane's door before rushing out down the steps, which were attached for refuelling, according to The Sun.

The action sparked a security alert at the airport and Mr Kempton was held by police. His wife was also ordered off the flight.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Kempton was charged for failing to comply with air safety standards.

A Thomas Cook spokesperson said: "A couple were removed from a flight to Corfu after it stopped in Italy.

"Passenger safety is paramount and the crew decided it was best for all for the couple to be removed from the flight and the matter is now in the hands of the Italian police."

The news comes a few days after a British tourist was fined €3,000 for defecating on the tarmac at the same airport.

The 68-year-old reportedly removed his trousers and defecated on the asphalt at Brindisi airport, between the aircraft and gate.

According to The Local, he received a fine for 'obscene acts' a few days after the incident while on holiday in Lecce.

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