Is the Island of the Dolls cursed?

Or is it just a tourist attraction...

Is the Island of the Dolls cursed?

Just below Mexico City deep within the Aztec canal system lies a mysterious island.

Known as Isla de las Munecas, it is famed for being covered in over 1,500 children's dolls.

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These dolls are rumoured to be much more sinister than they appear.

The canals are said to be haunted and the island is said to be inhabited by spirits from the cursed waters.

Many even believe that the dolls themselves are possessed, people claim to have seen them moving of their own accord.

The caretaker of the island worked there for over 50 years and once found the body of a young girl in the canal waters.

Several weeks later he also found a doll floating in the murky waters.

Presuming that it belonged to the girl he hung it from a tree to honour the girl he wasn't able to save.

He was so distraught by the girl's death that he continued to hang any other dolls he found on the trees around the island.

However local legend says that the man really collected the dolls to appease the girl's spirit.

The caretaker was later found dead, face down in one of the canals, in the exact same spot the girl had been found 50 years earlier.

But there are no reports of the little girl having existed, let alone drowning in the canals.

This has led many to think the area is just a novelty, rather than a haunted island.

The island is now a tourist attraction run by the caretaker's family.

Now that tourists flock to the island, they often bring dolls to join those already hanging there.

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